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Animated Series (Kids 4-7) 13x22 min Animated Episodes Created by Saxton Moore

Carver is a seven-year-old aspiring botanist. But make no mistake; this precocious kid is no shrinking violet. He’s a towering sunflower -- a bright,bold, titan among shrubs. Carver is a modern mash-up of his hero, George Washington Carver and Indiana Jones with a fierce passion for plants, a sharp mind for science, and a deeply rooted love for adventure.
One day, Carver meets a magical creature (Juney) that lives in the garden but hasn’t mastered his magic yet and they find an ancient botanist’s journal that once belonged to George Washington Carver hidden in the roots of a magical BIG OLD Tree-of-Life-type tree that sits in the middle of the garden. When Carver and Juney meet Dande (an overly apologetic anthropomorphized weed) the three become fast BFF’s. These 2 new buds guide Carver through this and other gardens (that they are magically transported to through the roots of the Tree-of-life tree). Carver, Juney, and Dande are an odd triplet whose personalities differ wildly (causing chaos and comedy) but who love and depend on each other as they embark upon wild garden adventures. Imagine Carver, Juney, and Dande riding tree roots to New Guinea on a quest for a quill from the rare “Blue Bird of Paradise.” Or going on a quest to capture a selfie with the Creepy and stinky “Corpse Lily” (the largest flower on earth that only blooms for 12-hours) in Indonesia. Picture a murder of crows holding a trial for a garden creature suspected of stealing sweet potatoes.
In Carver’s Magical Botanical, Carver, Juney, Dande, and the friends they meet along the way experience a life full of agricultural adventure,centered around the awe-inspiring world of plants, flowers, animals, and insects, all before Mama LoLo yells, “Carver, time for Dinner!”

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